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Caution: This training program is known for being highly engaging, fun, exciting, intellectually stimulating and for creating a lot of buzz around the workplace.

Corporate TrainingOur corporate training program is the result of years of primary research and testing. It has been validated to have measurable positive effects on an organization’s bottom line. It positively affects lives in the workplace and at home, has an outstanding safety rating and is designed to improve:

The program is typically customized to fit your organizational needs, goals and timeline.

Since 1994, we’ve consulted with and trained personnel in hundreds of organizations in the United States and abroad representing a diverse cross-section of corporate entities, public sector departments, and non-profit organizations. Boosting resilience in adults had become a mainstay of our practice.

For twenty years now our colleagues and we have engaged in a systematic program of research to establish the critical importance of Resilience in the corporate sphere. First, we demonstrated that a program based on cognitive-therapy techniques could significantly prevent depression. Then, we established that the program was not a depression-prevention protocol per se, but rather boosted resilience in children – resilience that they could use for diverse outcomes. We tackled this monolithic concept of resilience and distilled it into its seven component factors, and in this process developed a valid psychometric instrument for measuring the concept. We established that the instrument (the RFI) was sensitive to the boosts in resilience the program afforded. And finally, we showed the power of the program to increase resilience and performance in a wide range of corporate industries and job types.

Resilience is the key to success, satisfaction, and happiness.

With considerable investments of time, energy, and money, we have created what is, perhaps, the most empirically-validated resilience program in the world. And as advents emerge from the field of positive psychology, we continue to fold those effective elements into the resilience protocol.

In many respects the story of our development of the resilience program is a story of resilience unto itself.

Resilience is the key to success, satisfaction, and happiness. More than any other factor – intelligence, education, training – it is Resilience that determines who succeeds and who is satisfied in their jobs and in their lives. The good news – research has also uncovered the 7 strengths that make up resilience and how each can be measured and boosted.

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