What audiences have said about the “Resilience at Work” seminar

"Not only is Andrew Shatte's research robust and groundbreaking, it is action oriented and immediately applicable. Andrew is an extraordinary instructor with a unique ability to inspire learning and growth. He has been on the faculty of Brookings Executive Education since 2006 creating resilient leaders across government. Our alumni tell us Andrew and his material is helping transform their organizations."
   Mary Ellen Joyce, Ph.D., Executive Director
   Brookings Executive Education

"Andrew Shatte is a superb and inspiring educator. Whether approaching the topic of resilience from a theoretical or from a more immediate, personal perspective, he brings deep expertise and uncommon talent to bear. His insights are also remarkably practical and action-oriented, offering genuine alternatives to those grappling with stress and counterproductive thinking styles."
   Steven Daniel, Ph.D., Director of Program Planning
   The Institute for Management Studies

“Phenomenal! World class! Extremely personable.”

“Wow – how does he do it!? There’s so much in Shatté’s presentation that I hope to apply in the workplace and in my personal life. He has me on a more proactive path to address key leadership and personal deficiencies.”

Andrew Shatte is able to completely engage, educate and entertain any audience. His skills are really quite remarkable, and his message resonates with nearly everyone. To be honest - I've never heard or seen anyone better!

Steven Schragis
One Day University

“It provided me with useful information that could be realistically used in the workplace.”

“Very effective and enlightening information.”

“This material is easier to relate to than any training I’ve been to before.”

“This course truly addresses the real-time issues.”

“Lots of interaction, fun course. This is the best seminar I’ve ever attended.”

“Finally soft skills that can make us more effective and increase our level of well being.”

“This seminar really captures your true self and true issues, regardless of discussing work or home issues. It’s adaptive to both.”

“This course was very impactful because it really made you think about how you react to stress or situations at work and home. Very eye opening. Created great awareness around personal traits.”

“Excellent ! The most I have ever shared with any group of colleagues about things that really matter and skills to enable me to be more effective.”

“Andrew is amazing! Funny, energetic – time seemed to fly. The best speaker I’ve ever seen!”

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